LMC Group and Affiliates purchases Ruffins River Landing in Brunswick County

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The LMC Group announced today the acquisition and purchase of a beautiful new community located in Brunswick County near Holden Beach.  The community was previously owned by High Point Bank after developers were foreclosed on.  LMC Group plans include a revitalization of the community and new residential construction. The LMC Group has been busy revitalizing stalled communities since the downturn of the real estate market.  Other communities reset have been Dogwood Lakes in Surf City, Pine Ridge Townes in Holly Ridge and Saltwater Landing in Surf City.    All three of these communities have seen an explosion of activity since LMC restored them to active status with most completely sold out with only a few sites left available.  LMC was also involved in the highly successful neighborhood known as Neighborhoods at Holly Ridge by creating new jobs and tax basis for the area with over 100 new construction homes built or in the process of being completed.

LMC Group also has 2 new communities in development and one completed new development,  Poplar Branch,  with homes almost completed and ready for occupancy.





Surf City seeking Utility Bids for Water/Sewer lines servicing The LMC Group Development along Hwy 50




Sealed bids will be received until 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at the Town of Surf City Town Hall for the construction and installation of the Mill Creek Road Utility Extensions, at which time and place bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

The work involves the complete installation of the Mill Creek Road Utility Extensions consisting of approximately 1,875 LF of 4” sewer forcemain along Mill Creek Road to an existing 12” forcemain along Hwy 50 and approximately 1,845 LF of 8” waterline along Mill Creek Road and approximately 1,680 LF of 12” waterline along Hwy 50 connecting to an existing 12” waterline at the intersection of Juniper Lane and Hwy 50.

Complete plans, specifications, and contract documents may be examined during regular business hours in the office of the local Association of General Contractor’s (AGC) office, local Hispanic Contractors Association office, the Town of Surf City Town Hall, and the office of Cavanaugh & Associates, P.A., 1904 Eastwood Road, Suite 205, Wilmington, North Carolina 28403.

Copies of the plans, specifications and contract documents may be obtained from the Engineer, Cavanaugh & Associates, P.A., 1904 Eastwood Road, Suite 205, Wilmington, North Carolina 28403, upon payment of $200.00 for each set. There will be no refund to any party for these documents.

Bids will be received on a unit price basis. Each bid must be accompanied by a bid bond, cash, cashiers’ check or a certified check in the amount of not less than five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid in accordance with the contract documents.

Small, minority, women’s businesses, and labor surplus area firms are encouraged to submit bids.

Bidders must be licensed under Chapter 87 of the North Carolina General Statutes.

The County reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Town of Surf City, North Carolina

Publication Date: June 20, 2013

Surf City Advertisement For Bids Mill Creek Road Utility Extensions

LMC Group Closes Deal for ABC Board – Relocates Distribution Center to Market


The NHC ABC Board has been seeking to move its Wilmington North Carolina Distribution Center away from the 17th Street location in efforts to better serve its needs and customers.

The New Hanover County Alcohol Beverage Control Board had budgeted to spend more than $1 million to buy a piece of land for its new headquarters.  11786840_BG1[1]

The ABC Board approved the $1.2 million purchase of 12.63 acres near the intersection of Market Street and Judges Road in Wilmington, a property represented by The LMC Group out of Wilmington. The property is easily accessed by Market and Judges Road and was a sound fit for the local ABC distribution center.

The ABC Board plans to use the land for its main distribution center, a second major outlet for sales to mixed beverage permit holders and administrative offices.

Once the new facility is built, the ABC Board plans to renovate its current building at 523 S. 17th Street. That building will be an expanded retail store, along with an outlet for sales to mixed beverage permit holders and for storage.

The LMC Group is a marketing and development specialist real estate firm in Wilmington, and partnered with F. Spruill Thompson, a local broker to connect the buyer and the site together.

LMC Launches Updated Website

LMC GroupThe LMC Group launched an update to its website today for its real estate venues. The new website more accurately describes the business in today’s real estate environment. For the past 3 years, The LMC Group has been resetting the marketplace and unclogging the jam of failed developments in 5 counties in North Carolina. With the resurgence of the housing market, LMC has begun to deliver new products to the marketplace in the way of finished lot inventory for builders. In recent months, the supply of lots in the areas of Wilmington, Surf City, and Holly Ridge has almost dwindled to non-existent. With no lot inventory in the marketplace, builders are scrambling for available lots to cover the increased demand for new housing. LMC currently has on the books 3 new communities under way in the Northern areas of Wilmington, Hampstead, Surf City and Holly Ridge. A recent run on inventory in the Brunswick County corridor has also seen decreased inventory in the Leland areas as well as the Hwy 211 corridor. According to LMC, the company is making great strides in the Brunswick County market as housing demand increases and expects to deliver new inventory in the coming months. For more information, please check out the company’s updated website at www.LMCRealEstate.com

Neighborhoods at Holly Ridge Up and Running

new homes nc

The Hamptons at Holly Ridge is up and running!

IN reference to one of our earlier posts, The LMC Group placed Robuck Homes into a deal back in 2011 which enabled Robuck Homes to enter the marketplace into the Holly Ridge subdivision with a committment to build quality homes at an affordable price.  Well, Robuck Homes sure has delivered!  WOW!  I was in there the other day and it is unreal how beautiful these new homes are.

Instead of me attempting to describe these homes, here….. take a look…………  Then do yourself a favor and go look for yourself………..

The Hamptons at Holly Ridge!

LMC Group Announces Deal with the City of Wilmington


Contracts were inked today between Patrick “PJ” Doherty of The LMC Group and the City of Wilmington for brokerage services for the city’s endeavors and real estate holdings.  The agreement makes Mr. Doherty and The LMC Group one of two exclusive Brokers for city property and acquisitions.  Should any City of Wilmington real estate matters arise with regards to property or acquiring property, real estate inquiries and property evaluations, Mr. Doherty with The LMC Group will be your contact.

“The city had very strict requirements for potential brokers” stated Mr. Doherty.  “I am extremely pleased that the city recognized my credentials along with the passion and focus The LMC Group has in the area, and I look forward to working with the city to promote city business and harmony with its citizens.”

One of the city’s requirements was that the candidate selected for this position must contain exclusive knowledge and understanding of discounted cash flow models.  Additional requirements were specific to commercial brokers, and applied experience in the field of commercial real estate and finance.  Mr. Doherty began in the real estate business in 1997 from the banking side, then moved into multi-family development, land sales, and earned CCIM designation in 2010 with concentration on office and industrial leasing.  Mr. Doherty joined The LMC Group in January 2011 because of its deep roots in the area and its passion for creating new jobs in the construction industry, that has been hit so hard by the recession.

The LMC Group is an out of the box finance and real estate group dedicated to serving the area’s stalled construction, development industries as well as office, industrial and multifamily real estate sectors.  At last count, this group has put in place over 500 transactions involving bank asset sales, retail sales, note purchases, investment deals, tenant leases, special assets sales, leasing & management, along with consulting on loan modifications for the government’s Making Home Affordable Assistance Program.

Congratulations to “PJ” Doherty and The LMC Group for earning this trusted relationship.  If you desire to sell property to the city, or desire to buy property from the city, or simply have questions, Mr. Doherty’s direct line is 910-297-9572 and his email address is PJDoherty@TheLMC.com

LMC Group Continues to assist in regional growth for Business Expansion and Job Creation

Based out of Hickory, North Carolina, NorthStar Financial Group began seeking a presence in the Wilmington area back in April of 2011.  CEO Phillip Clark was traveling back and forth exploring the area and meeting with key clients that saw the Wilmington area as part of a possible expansion; and these key clients recommended that NorthStar begin to make a move into the area.    Phillip met with several local business owners and sought out to find a firm that was well rooted in the area and had a good grasp of what businesses were flourishing in today’s market arena.  Talks began with members of The LMC Group regarding projects and special assets that may be coming online that NorthStar could possibly help with.  Soon afterwards, NorthStar hired LMC to begin a site search for location of new office space to house a branch within the confines of the Landfall area.

After previewing and touring several properties CEO Phillip Clark and Operations VP Pam Stanley decided the location at Progress Point not only met the target market demographics but also fell within the economic parameters that the Financial Services company sought.  The new office allows for some future expansion while fitting the companies immediate needs in opening a regional office catering to Southeast North Carolina.

NorthStar plans to open the new office doors in October.  LMC representative PJ Doherty states, “we are looking forward to working with NorthStar, and certainly feel they can be a valuable contributor to our economic turnaround”.

The LMC Group aligns with Robuck Homes in a new real estate deal bringing more construction to the area

The LMC Group and Robuck Homes  The LMC Group announced today the completion of a deal with Robuck Homes Triangle for the construction of NINETY-NINE (99) new homes in Onslow County along the Onslow/Pender County line.  Robuck Homes will begin construction as soon as September 1, 2011.

Robuck Homes is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina and has been seeking a presence into the local market for quite some time.  Established in 1926, they are one of the premier home building companies in the Triangle and have an unparallel reputation for quality homes.  In seeking to expand their operations down into the Wilmington surrounding area, Robuck hired The LMC Group in June 2011 to bring them into the market.  After meeting with The  LMC Group and going over an extensive market profile look, LMC located a place for Robuck Homes to begin their entry into the marketplace.  With over 75 years experience in custom home building, Robuck Homes will be entering the market in the highly successful community Neighborhoods of Holly Ridge subdivision located just down from the Surf City bridge onto Topsail Island.  New homes will begin under $200,000.

This is yet another accolade in The LMC Group’s successes as they continue to bring jobs and activity to the local area.  New  construction for the area has been hit the hardest, and any and all new business is a welcomed site to our area.  The addition of Robuck Homes into our area is expected to create an economic impact of over $15 million.

For more on Robuck Homes, please go to their website at www.RobuckHomes.com

Loadmatch Logistics Utilizes The LMC Group for Relocation

Wilmington Commercial Real Estate News

The LMC Group announced today that Loadmatch Logstics, LLC  has signed a long term lease with Ashes Drive, LLC to occupy the building located across from Mayfaire Town Center off Sir Tyler Road and Military Cutoff, Wilmington, NC.

LoadMatch Logistics arranges the transportation of shipping containers from ocean ports in the Southeast for import clients and then utilizes those containers for export shipments when they are returned to the port instead of being returned empty. Without LoadMatch Logistics services, a truck driver would pick up a shipping container of imported freight at the Port of Wilmington and transport it to an N.C. distribution center. The truck would then return to the port with no container. The cost for the round trip transportation was paid for by the importer. With LoadMatch’s service, this empty truck would be matched with a container bound for the port. The service saves the importer money, increases revenue for truck drivers and reduces the number of empty trucks that are traveling on the state’s highways. LoadMatch Logistics has developed a proprietary web based system to match imported shipping containers with those bound for export. It automatically notifies clients of delivery and pickup appointments, pickup and delivery confirmations and generates paperless invoicing, all via email. “Many times per day there are empty containers passing each other on the highways and our goal is to eliminate that,” said Winstead. Fuel efficiency for the typical container tractor is about 5 miles per gallon. Every matched container results in one round trip eliminated, thus saving 80 gallons of diesel fuel and related emissions. LoadMatch Logistics does business with the largest exporters of containerized cargo out of the US as well as the largest shipper of forest products from the US, Winstead said. LoadMatch Logistics also manages containers in the Southeast for the largest global transportation company in the world, DHL Global Forwarding. “We have just begun to serve the Southeast. We think we can grow to 10,000 containers per month.”

The LMC Group completed it’s search for space for Loadmatch Logistics near the end of July with leases in place the first week of August.  ” We have great clients searching for good quality space, and we were pleased to be able to deliver the space needed by Loadmatch Logistics in a timely fashion” stated Roy Holdford, CEO of LMC.  “Our guys work really hard, and it is imperative that we pull out all the stops to satify the needs of the real estate client today.”

The LMC Group is growing rapidly on the scene in this up and down economy.  “We are determined to serve the needs of the community, and constantly remind ourselves that our focus is creating and keeping jobs by providing solutions to the challenges in today’s real estate market.  If we can facilitate or provide a solution for any problem or venture, you can count on The LMC Group getting the task at hand completed” stated Holdford.

The LMC Group is a Commercial Real Estate Firm with strong ties to Development, Commercial Investments, Resurgence and Recapitalization of Residential Communities, Funding and Special Asset Structuring.

Dogwood Lakes Update on Homesales

Dogwood Lakes in Surf City NC continues it’s success with new home buyers.  The community is very vibrant and active as you can see in this video.  Dogwood Lakes was a stalled community at the beginning of the meltdown of the real estate market in 2007.  The LMC Group pioneered this resurgence in 2010 with debt restructure and private investment.  As of this week, there are 77 new families actively enjoying the community.  We were told that in the last 18 days, 8 new home sales have transpired with much more interest in process.  The LMC Group continues to strive to put working America back to work in resurging projects like Dogwood Lakes.

Thanks to Stevens Fine Homes for producing this video for us.  Enjoy!