LMC Group Continues to assist in regional growth for Business Expansion and Job Creation

Based out of Hickory, North Carolina, NorthStar Financial Group began seeking a presence in the Wilmington area back in April of 2011.  CEO Phillip Clark was traveling back and forth exploring the area and meeting with key clients that saw the Wilmington area as part of a possible expansion; and these key clients recommended that NorthStar begin to make a move into the area.    Phillip met with several local business owners and sought out to find a firm that was well rooted in the area and had a good grasp of what businesses were flourishing in today’s market arena.  Talks began with members of The LMC Group regarding projects and special assets that may be coming online that NorthStar could possibly help with.  Soon afterwards, NorthStar hired LMC to begin a site search for location of new office space to house a branch within the confines of the Landfall area.

After previewing and touring several properties CEO Phillip Clark and Operations VP Pam Stanley decided the location at Progress Point not only met the target market demographics but also fell within the economic parameters that the Financial Services company sought.  The new office allows for some future expansion while fitting the companies immediate needs in opening a regional office catering to Southeast North Carolina.

NorthStar plans to open the new office doors in October.  LMC representative PJ Doherty states, “we are looking forward to working with NorthStar, and certainly feel they can be a valuable contributor to our economic turnaround”.


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