LMC Group Continues Growth – J. Michael Hutson Joins Team

 J Michael Hutson

J. Michael Hutson

Business and Commercial Specialist

 J. Michael Hutson grew up in Charleston, SC and has been working since age 13.  He is what is called “A DO’ER… He gets things DONE.  While growing up in Charleston, J Michael witnessed the explosion of a southern port into the thriving city and cultural historic place that Charleston is today.  Having left Charleston in his twenties, he landed in Philadelphia and while working in a Steel Mill, his fascination of business inspired him to look into the restaurant business learning everything he could absorb during his time in the Philly area. In 1979, a little weary of the cold and snow, J. Michael began to look into locations for setting up a business in the restaurant industry.  Wilmington North Carolina stood out because of the historic charm and similar characteristics of his hometown.  So in 1979, Wilmington saw the opening of J Michael’s Philly Deli, now one of Wilmington’s most successful family restaurants.  While shopping for additional store locations for the Philly Deli, J. Michael became highly educated in obtaining, building, leasing, and selling real estate.  He learned the construction industry from the ground up.  J. Michael obtained his real estate license in 1984 and over the years has really seen some changes good and bad.  “Hands on deck and all in” is J Michael’s approach to business and real estate.

In late 2010, J. Michael considered getting out of the real estate industry due to the hard cold fact that it was very difficult to witness his friends and business associates having such a hard time in the economy, knowing there was nothing he could do to help them even with all his expertise and years of dedication in the field.  However, in January 2011, a friend told him of a company that was having success at helping businesses and people with their real estate problems. “I finally saw a way that I could help others”, J. Michael states.  Talks began immediately with The LMC Group and right away a connection was made.

J. Michael has been involved with the Wilmington Historic Preservation movement and even been involved with several historic building renovations in the downtown area.  He is a member of the Wilmington Historic Association and is also very active with the Wilmington Domestic Violence Shelter, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating violence against women and their children and provides support services for victims/survivors of domestic violence.  J. Michael is married to beautiful wife, Rhonda, has 2 sons, 2 daughters, and has 2 grandchildren with a third on the way……….


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