LMC Group Success Continues – Analogy Football Style

Vince Lombardi

Once overgrown and weed filled communities following the credit collapse, both Dogwood Lakes and Saltwater Landing have sprung alive with New Home construction and home buyers are reaping the rewards of reduced costs for homes now.  Dogwood Lakes and Saltwater Landing are here, alive, and competitive.  34 homes have now been sold in these two developments with another 60 on the way.  Savvy Homes has just closed on 4 more lots and H&H Homes will begin its final takedown of the remaining lots they have allotted by the end of October.  There are several other parties circling the wagons, more details as they come in…….. We also have new communities in the works…….stand by and call us for those before they go public……

The local newspaper, The Wilmington Star News, just did an article on these projects and how successful they are in these economic times.  While focusing on the builders and buyers, it was not mentioned how these communities were able to accomplish these feats.  What exactly set the groundwork for this to happen?  How does a community overridden with debt suddenly revive itself?  How does a community or developer begin selling properties for a fraction of what they were selling for and still survive?  What things had to take place in order for this to happen?  I have not seen anyone win the lottery around here, have you?  What the Wilmington Star News forgot to report on was while it is terrific that this magically happened, it did not magically happen.  The LMC Group had been working with the sellers, developers, investors, banks, attorneys, accountants, the city and county governmental offices, and many others, to effectively bring these communities back from the brink.  I have spoken with the author of the Star News article, and I think he agrees there is a bigger story to tell for this area.  Stay tuned for more coming on that one………

Now since it is Football season, I want to use an analogy for everyone looking at this post: 

It’s the game of the century, a game of challenges in life and in your real estate financial world, all broken down into an analogy of a football game.  You are down for the count, beat up, battered, and bruised……… The score is Economy 14, Business 10, with 1 minute to go.  If you lose this game, it’s over.  You must score a touchdown to win, and a field goal means “almost” which means “great try but tough luck”.  It is fourth down and 99 yards to go for a touchdown.  It seems a daunting challenge since you only have 1 minute to get there.  You know you contain a great quarterback and running back, great receivers and a great defense.  However, one thing is overlooked……. The quarterback, running back, wide receivers, and defense are absolutely no good without the OFFENSIVE LINE.  If there are No Blockers, what happens?  The QB gets sacked, the running back is stuffed, there is no use for the receivers if the QB is on his butt, and the defense is not even on the field.  How are you planning on making it into that end zone for the win?  Everyone seems to forget the offensive line because there is no glory there…….. No spiking the ball, no celebration dances.  The crowd cheers for the QB to RB pass and the touchdown dance, everyone forgets how they got there with one exception………. the true champion QB’s, RB’s and Receivers,  they are the true ones that realize that they can’t get anywhere without that offensive line leading the way.  The offensive line has to lead and clear a path to the end zone….. Am I right here?  Think about it………. 

The LMC Group is your offensive line.  Without offense, and without someone leading the way, it is hard and sometimes impossible to score that last touchdown that may save your business and investments.   Without an offensive line, what good is defense?  In any game whether football, business, life, defenses can wear down.  The LMC Group is dedicated to securing and structuring out of the box solutions for today’s real estate problems.  Our successes continue to prove over and over that The LMC Group has what it takes to lead any land owner, bank, developer, and builder to solutions in today’s market.  If you are the Quarterback, if you are the Running Back, how is YOUR offensive line doing for you?  If you need some help or assistance with your real estate needs, we would love to talk.

How’d the game analogy end up?  The LMC Group was picked up in free agency……..

Economy 14, Business 17 , let’s move on to the next game……….


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