More Deals for Dogwood

The Lincoln Plan, Dogwood Lakes, Surf City NC, LMC GroupDogwood Lakes has come alive!  What was once a stalled development with 2 years of no activity has turned into the sleepy HOTSPOT for new home construction that it was meant to be years ago.  Revamped and reinvented, retooled and re-done, new pricing and new faces, construction is up and running.  Stevens Fine Homes already has 6 homes on the ground and 5 of his 60 homes planned are under contract with new families with new construction starts daily.  Savvy Homes is so excited about the neighborhood that they closed on 6 new lots this week, and have sold 5 of their home plans sold before even breaking ground with construction starts.  They will be digging footings next week on all their homes.  Activity is good, sales are great.  Subcontractors are being put back to work and more substantial tax base is being injected into the system for Surf City and Pender County.  No doom and gloom here!

The Owner and Developer of Dogwood Lakes contacted The LMC Group in August of 2009, and since that time The LMC Group has been retooling the community to revive and resurrect the beautiful community it was originally designed to be.  While no easy task to accomplish in light of the recession in full swing, The LMC Group utilized specific funding strategies and out of the box solutions to spring Dogwood Lakes back into the limelight.  It is important to understand the necessary components to multifaceted hurdles that must be overcome to not only survive, but also thrive in the days ahead.  The LMC Group continues to maintain its lead in real estate knowledge, providing solutions to what some deem as almost impossible odds to overcome. 

Hence the tagline:  Opening Doors, Growing Communities


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