Saltwater Landing Resurgence – Another LMC Success Story

Surf City Real Estate
The LMC Group took on a Development known as Saltwater Landing in Surf City NC back in May of this year. Like most developments with the recession in full swing, it had stalled due to the tightening of the credit markets. Saltwater Landing is an extremely nice residential community that had not seen any activity in over a year. The owners asked The LMC Group to come in and analyse the development, financing struggles, the market demand, and aid them in the process to move forward in order to survive the recession. Contracts were inked with Saltwater Landing and The LMC Group May 15, 2010 for LMC to move into its program to generate funding and construction starts. On June 7th, 2010, The LMC Group put together a deal with a builder to purchase 20 lots by the end of October 2010 and to immediately begin construction on 6 homes. On July 16th, 10 lots closed with the remaining 10 by October. Permits have been pulled on six new homes and construction is under way. This has begun the recovery and resurgence of this community. Under The LMC Group’s programs, elevated interest in Saltwater Landing has begun. Stay tuned…………


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